2001-03 Acura CL Full Polyurethane Aerodynamic Lip Kit.

Constructed of the Highest Quality Injection Molded Polyurethane, this aero-lip kit will extend the body of the Acura CL's natural flow for a more aggressive yet tasteful and mature style that looks like it came from the factory that way.

The kit is made up of:

-Front add on Urethane lip
-Rear add on Urethane lip
-Pair of Urethane Side Skirt add ons


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Pricing for RonJon Edition 2nd gen Acura CL Aerodynamic Lip Kit

2nd Gen Acura CL Polyurethane 4 Piece Aerodynamic Lip Kit
-Polyurethane only MSRP:
$1600 (for limited time only)

(Shipping cost is between $180-$230 UPS Ground to commercial address in the continental USA.)

-Professional installation is required, degreaser wash needed BEFORE PAINTING.
-Please have your installer contact us for information and PDF diagrams to help with installation
-Front and rear lips are atatched to the existing bumpers, sides are installed over existing sills.
* note: in hotter climate areas, silicone adhesive is suggested. (not included)

Approximatly 1.5" lower than the OEM Vehicle bumpers, this kit fills in the void that the CL is known to have.

Kit Installation Tips & Guide

Right click below and download the following link for some tips on installing the RJSD Acura CL Aerodynamic lip kit properlly. RJSD CL Kit installation guide